SuperNatural Sandwiches: Siren vs Cthulu

Supernatural Sandwiches has been featured in many magazines, websites and was named the best of San Diego in 2014 and 2015. This little shop tucked away in Miramar, San Diego packs a punch with their fresh seafood sandwiches at affordable prices. If you’re in the mood for a tasty Lobster roll or looking for a decadent fish, crab, or shrimp sandwich, this is a place you need to pay a visit!

This article will describe my experience with the Cthulu (Lobster roll with Umami Butter) and their signature Siren (Spicy Garlic Shrimp) sandwiches.

Supernatural Sandwiches’ immerses their guests with their Greek Mythological theme. Stepping into the restaurant, you’ll notice you’re in an under-water lair (Pretty neat with the decorations). The setting of the restaurant was a little dark. Since I’ve been here before, we chose a seat near the windows to take the photos with better light. To my surprise, the photos didn’t come out as well, possibly due to the time of day. At around 5:30pm, the restaurant was empty. This gave us ample time to speak with the employees and see what they had for recommendations. The items were listed on the wall, but we chose to view the laminated menu with pictures (Who doesn’t want to see pictures?!).

The host recommended an Egg with any sandwich we chose. While I love egg in my burgers, this sounded like a grand idea! The egg was an additional $2, a bit much, but I’m all for the experience. We chose to order the Siren and the Cthulu with a side of Shrimp Fried Rice. Almost ordered a Macaron Ice cream Sandwich, but held off as it may have been my stomach making the order.

Shrimp Fried Rice

First Look: Definitely not your typical fried rice. You can taste the Wok used to create this delicacy. While it appeared to include shrimp pieces, the purpose of this order was to act as filler for my appetite. A bit greasy towards the end, garlic wasn’t too over-powering, overall, it was well prepared. Portion for $5 was a bit small, but again the ingredients probably made up for the price.


The Siren (Spicy Garlic Shrimp) with an add’tl egg and shrimp chips

First Look: Beautiful Sandwich. It was already cut in half (which posed a challenge mentioned later), nicely cooked egg, some greens, and tomatoes.


Upon the initial bite, the first thought I had was “Flavor Explosion!” The Shrimps were very succulent, the roll was nicely toasted, the egg was runny (preferred), probably could have done better without it. The egg also masked the beauty of this sandwich. While this was the third time I’ve been to Supernatural, I encountered the same problem as I did before. Unfortunately the Sandwich started to disassemble in my hands while I ate it. The same happened to my friend. While I’d like to blame the pre-cut down the middle, I would have cut it myself anyways as we were tasting both sandwiches. All-in-all, probably just user error, but it somewhat ruined the experience and potential.

The Cthulu (Lobster roll with Umami Butter) with shrimp chips

First Look: Another Masterpiece. This sandwich was NOT cut in half. At first, the lobster looked very minimal, but then again, when is there ever too much lobster? We skipped the egg on this one, and Umami butter? Unsure what it was, but I know what Umami is!


The first bite was what you would expect from a Lobster roll. The lobster was sweet and buttery, the roll also was toasted to perfection (actually something I prefer for a lobster roll). But most important, even when cut down the middle, the sandwich did NOT fall apart! This allowed me to enjoy the sandwich how it was meant to be eaten. While a little more lobster could have made this into ‘perfection’ open-minded lobster roll lovers should give this one a try!

The verdict: The Siren vs Cthulu? Unfortunately the Siren fell apart and came up short. Both sandwiches were great! But Cthulu came on top in the overall dining experience.

Total cost of the meals $32 + tip.

SuperNatural Sandwiches
7094 Miramar Rd #105. San Diego, CA 92121

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